Protect yourself from the difference between your loan balance and what your insurer will pay out in the event of a total loss of your vehicle. You also receive the reimbursement of your insurance deductible.

GPS Tracking

Did you know that a powersports vehicle is stolen every 26 seconds in the US? Last year, 45,555 powersports vehicles were stolen. To ensure you have complete peace of mind, Aegis proudly features AL3RTGPS allowing you to track your vehicle in real-time with monitoring for unauthorized movement and geofence violations. Features include:

• Real-time, worldwide tracking of location, direction and speed.
• Unrivaled security and SMS or e-mail monitoring features including starter disable/enable, movement/towing alerts, fall-over sensor, vehicle battery disconnect, and the ability to send a stranded notification.
• Breadcrumbing of rides to share with others and pin dropping for future riding fun.
• Easy installation and configuration.
• Only draws 4mA – doesn’t drain battery.
• Waterproof.
• Simple, easy-to-use App.
• Vibration resistant.

AL3RTGPS – The next generation in powersports theft recovery.


Etch is a unique theft deterrent system that imprints a traceable alphanumeric code onto your powersports vehicle. This etching both effectively helps to deter theft and is used to help identify and recover the vehicle in the event of a theft. In the event of an unrecovered theft, you are also eligible for a cash settlement towards your replacement bike. Our product provides theft protection so check with your insurance company about a comprehensive policy discount.

Appearance Protection

Paint. Chrome. Leather. We protect it all!

Remember what your new motorcycle looked like on the showroom floor? You can enjoy that look longer with our appearance protection. New or used – 5 years of protection!