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Aegis Powersports: Powered by AegisTech

Time is money in our fast-moving industry and dealers deserve a comprehensive F&I system tailored to efficiently serve all dealership departments. Providing a full suite of industry-leading F&I products is only part of the answer. Dealers need an F&I partner that helps them stay abreast of the latest innovations, and the AegisTech platform is the answer. With this platform the dealer becomes much more effective and efficient having all F&I products with one company including service contracts, GAP, tire/wheel, etch/theft, preferred maintenance, paint/leather/vinyl/chrome protection and an industry-leading GPS tracking and theft deterrent unit.

At Aegis Powersports, we use our team of true industry experts to evaluate and integrate the latest data and technology into our AegisTech platform. The result is a comprehensive system that makes F&I easy in every aspect of dealer operations.

Principals, GMs, managers and agents can easily oversee and evaluate day-to-day sales and total F&I profit for one or more stores; F&I increases penetration by using an unrestricted menu prepopulated with Aegis products, quoting and binding all products on one screen and choosing a simple zero interest F&I product payment plan if needed; service departments report happier customers and a much faster turnaround resulting from our online claims submission, claim tracking and same-day claim payments; and accounting departments simply remit online with a few clicks, receive instant payment notifications by e-mail and have instant access to their statements online.

The AegisTech platform is brought to you by a team with an unparalleled 200+ years of combined Powersports experience. The Aegis team understands and addresses your business needs better than any other service provider and looks forward to bringing you this platform and dealer education opportunities to fully enhance your F&I effectiveness and compliance.

Unique features include:

  • Ability to quote-and-bind VSC, GAP, Tire/Wheel/Towing, Priority Maintenance, Etch, and Appearance from one screen. We provide one of, if not the fastest, F&I contract generating platform systems in the powersports industry.
  • Wired GPS units with breadcrumb capabilities to capture every great ride and wireless theft recovery devices for every type of powersports vehicle.
  • Self-managed F&I transactions with simple mistake correction for VINs, lienholders, customer addresses or the ability to perform necessary voids (versus a drawn-out cancellation process). This allows dealership staff to focus on deals rather than making a call/wasting time to resolve a minor need.
  • Integrated Aegis zero-interest payment plan allowing you an opportunity to capture every customer regardless of whether it is a cash deal, low credit score or there simply is no room left in the deal. This gives the dealer the ability to finance requested F&I products with a no interest payment plan. No credit approval is required and all of this is automated though the AegisTech platform.
  • Online claims submission and tracking with same-day claims payments.
  • Unrestricted menu prepopulated with Aegis products.
  • Push and pull your preferred payment method and real-time notification when it happens. You can even specify different payment methods and frequencies for different dealership functions.

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