Aegis Powersports Endorsed by California Motorcycle Dealers Association

Aegis Powersports has been endorsed by the California Motorcycle Dealers Association (CMDA), making Aegis the only service contract provider in the state to carry the CMDA’s designation. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Aegis Powersports provides suite of finance and insurance (F&I) products to motorcycle and other powersport dealerships similar to

Sunnyvale, CA – Today, the California Motorcycle Dealers Association (CMDA) announced that Aegis Powersports has been named the Official Service Contract Provider of the CMDA, an exclusive designation only awarded to the top service contract provider in the State of California. With this endorsement, Aegis Powersports has joined the CMDA as a member company and has been approved by the CMDA’s Board of Directors as the preferred service contract provider for the state.

Since launching in California in 2014, Aegis Powersports has quickly become known as the preeminent powersport F&I service contract provider across the state. The combination of great rates and incredible service, all supported by a team of well-known industry professionals and an easy-to-use sales platform has driven demand for Aegis Powersports products to an all-time high.

“We are thrilled to be working with the preeminent trade association for motorcycle dealers in California,” stated Timothy Summers, President of Aegis Powersports. “For well over 40 years, the CMDA has done an outstanding job advocating for powersport dealers across the Golden State, which aligns perfectly with our philosophy of truly being the best F&I partner to the dealers we support.”

“While the Aegis Powersports brand may be relatively new, the company is comprised of seasoned industry veterans with a true focus on successful dealer partnerships,” noted John Paliwoda, Executive Director of the CMDA. “Our board has watched Aegis Powersports quickly establish itself as the most talked about and most desired F&I company for our members to work with in support of their powersport dealerships. We are very happy to forge a strong partnership with the team at Aegis and look forward to supporting their efforts in the years to come.”

Aegis Powersports provides specialized dealer F&I products to powersports dealerships, including service contracts, road hazard protection, priority maintenance, gap, etch, GPS tracking, theft deterrent and appearance protection. All Aegis Powersports products are backed by Aegis Security Insurance Company, rated “A” (“Excellent”) by A.M. Best and operating on an admitted basis in all states. California dealers interested in more information about Aegis Powersports can contact Aegis at 1-800-572-5099 or

Established in 1971 for the express purpose of supporting the motorcycle and powersports industry and the dealers that sell powersports vehicles, the CMDA’s membership is comprised of franchised powersport dealerships. Associate members are non-dealer companies that are associated with the powersports industry. Dealers or companies interested in more information about the CMDA can contact or